Donna Chan Vancouver Testimonials

- Esther Chiu  (Buyer)

I thank God for Ernest and Donna Chan, my real estate agents (a husband and wife team) who helped me successfully to find my next home.
It could have been very easy to make a wrong decision when we are impulsive.  However, Ernest and Donna patiently gave me their sound and expert advice, considering carefully what  is the most suitable property to meet my present and future needs.  They also worked hard to research the market condo sale condition and prices to come up with an appropriate offer for presentation to my vendors in addition to exercise their outstanding bargaining expertise to make it go.
I highly recommend both of them to anyone who is looking for an agent who will do his/her best for whom they represent.

- Ann Lam  (Buyer)


Donna and Ernest has been an invaluable resource for our family in the search for a new home in a very competitive seller’s market.  Their professionalism, expertise and honest advice gave us an advantage in the purchasing process.  They were able to help us buy our dream home in the midst of multiple offers in a very tight time frame.  Even the listing agent, complimented us on “being in very good hands” with Donna and Ernest.  Without a doubt, we would highly recommend her to help anyone through the tough Metro Vancouver market.


- Jacky and Mona - First Time Home Buyers  (Buyer)


Thanks again Donna and Ernest for your help and dedication in finding us a new home. It was certainly a great difficulty in this busy market, and in a short period of time you were not only able to find us a suitable, but also an affordable home. We appreciate your time, and certainly with your amount of experience; indefinitely your service is of great value to any first time new home buyers. Your skills and expertise has successfully helped us find a new home, and we can now move forward being rest assured. I certainly will recommend Donna & Ernest's service to all their prospects, as their extensive knowledge of all aspects of the real estate market makes them the top choice for their current and potential home buyers. Thank you again Donna & Ernest.


-     C & A Lee  (Seller and Buyer)

We are very satisfied with Donna and Ernest’s services as our realtors. She impressed us most with their diligence, understanding of our needs vis-a-vis the market, and prompt attention to details. They deserved our highest recommendation.


-     Lawrence P  (Seller and Buyer)

It really was amazing how Donna and Ernest was able to negotiate an acceptable price between the initial offer and the asking price. Thank you!


-     Kim’s Nguyen (Buyer and Seller)

Donna and Ernest are honest and always working toward our best interest. My family and I are very happy of their excellence service. We highly recommend them to everyone I know.